Celebrating the Two Hearts

This post was submitted by Lori, at Busy with Blessings, for publication here at Catholic Cuisine.   Both of these ideas were inspired by Mary's post: Appetizer for the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart.   Thank you Lori for sharing your lovely pictures with all of us!  

Recently we went to celebrate the baptism of a precious new gift from above given to dear friends of ours. I had offered to bring some snacks to share. Being that we were celebrating the feasts of The Sacred Heart of Jesus and The Immaculate Heart of Mary, I checked out Catholic Cuisine for ideas. I was thrilled to find these awesome and easy ideas!

For the first tray, I hand shaped a block of cream cheese into a heart and placed on a small plate.  I then added salsa and broken pretzels to form the crown of thorns.  Next, I added shredded cheese for the flame coming out at the top.  I put the small plate onto a larger one and surrounded it with tortilla chips.  (Using the two plates keeps the chips from getting soggy.)

For the Immaculate Heart, I also hand molded a cream cheese heart. I put some pretty little artificial flowers across the center and placed a sword plastic toothpicks through the side. Ritz crackers surrounded this also in the form of a heart.

I think these both were a special addition to a beautiful day! Thanks again ladies for sharing your creativity with us all! Pin It


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