All Saints' Day Treats ~ Bones of Eliseus

This treat and story is taken from my website, Designer Pastry, under the Hallowe'en tab of Seasonal Specialties.

"Bones of Eliseus"

Far, far away in the land of Israel long, long ago, a miracle of God made something morbid into something inspiring. In fact a dead man's spirit was put back into his body! Out of fear of some marauding Moabites, the relatives of a dead man canceled his burial and threw him into the open grave of Eliseus the prophet. While his friends and relatives ran for their lives from the marauders, the dead man rose to life when he fell upon Eliseus' bones! Paraphrased from Scriptural Reference: 2 Kings 13:20,21

"Bones of Eliseus" are actually assorted mini sized pretzels piled up to look like a stack of bones with sweet white chocolate melted over top!

This post was written by Victoria, at Designer Pastry, and submitted for publication here at Catholic Cuisine. Thank you Victoria!

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  1. This is great!
    I will use this for our All Saints Day party! Thanks!

  2. Good job Victoria, your pretzels look great!

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