From Thy Bounty Fair - Confirmation Celebrations

It's time for our second From Thy Bounty Fair here at Catholic Cuisine and we are very excited about it! Since this is the traditional time of the year when Confirmations take place we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to share with us your celebrations. It's such an exciting time in the life of a young Catholic and I'm sure many of our readers have devised beautiful ways to celebrate.

Our fair will take place on June 17th so I need your stories and ideas no later than June 15th. I'm middle-aged and move slowly.

So send me the details at bonnybluehouse at gmail dot com and please, even if you don't have a blog we want to hear from you! No blogs required, just write it up and e-mail me. Pictures delight us! Send everything.

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  1. You know, from my last post, I think that Father Leo recommended his red sauce for confirmations! lol
    Can't wait to see all the great posts!

  2. Did this confirmation Fair ever get posted, I wonder? Gill.

  3. At this point Gill, it has not. Hopefully we will get it up soon! Thanks for asking.