All Saints' Day Treats ~ St. Lucy Cupcakes

I'm always on the lookout for food saint ideas for All Saint's Day parties, so here's something I came up with for St. Lucy.

St. Lucy is populary know as the patroness of eye ailments. This is because among other tortures that she suffered for being a Christian, her eyes were torn out. Legend has it that her sight was returned to her before she died.

I thought it would be fun for our All Saint's Day party to make some St. Lucy eyeball cupcakes, and share the idea with all of you!

How to Make Them:

All you do is make your favorite cupcake recipe, and ice them with white icing. Then use blue icing to make a circle on the cupcake, and stick an upside-down chocolate chip in the middle for the pupil. Leave one of them white for display, and cut a slit in the middle of the cupcake so you can insert a St. Lucy holy card. If your holy card isn't laminated, cover it in some packing tape before inserting into the cupcake.

St. Lucy is often depicted with a palm branch to symbolize her martyrdom, so I also stuck a palm branch into my cupcake holder for display. I got my palm branch at the Dollar Tree.

This post was written by a Catholic mother, at The Masked Mommy, and submitted for publication here at Catholic Cuisine. Thank you for sharing!

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  1. +JMJ+

    How cute! They remind me of a peacock's tail, too. =)

  2. very cool. my little st. lucy is all over this idea for our All Saints celebration!

  3. Great! These would be wonderful for a gruesome treat for Halloween too.

  4. They are a really great idea, I hope I can make some of these for Nov 1!

  5. Thanks so much for letting me post my idea here! I love having so many fun Catholic ideas all available in one place! Thanks for putting this site together for all of us!

  6. My 11-year boy loves this!! Thanks for the great idea for our All Saints' party!

  7. Fantastic idea for All Saints' and Hallowe'en! Here's another recipe for eyeball cupcakes: It was originally published in the cookbook "Hey There Cupcake!" They really look like they're "ailing."

    But, something tells me I won't be making either one for on December 13th...Lussekatter and pepparkakor all the way! (I love St. Lucia! I guess it's the Swede in me.)


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