Brown Scapular brownies for Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Just another way to celebrate this great Feast day :)

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  1. +JMJ+


    What is the writing part made of?

  2. I absolutely love your blog, but I have to be honest, as a pregnant diabetic, you are killing me! :) Keep up the great work though, I would love to try some of your recipes!

  3. Peklet Mom, Pillsbury makes a brownie mix with half the sugar as regular mixes. They also have cake mixes that are half the sugar. Would that work for you?

    We made the cake this year. Next year we'll make the brownies. Thanks so much! Love this blog!

  4. Ruth, those brownies are spectacular!! I've GOT to do it like that next year!!!

  5. For Green ounce of prevention.......A good way to insure food safety since most inks are not food safe,is to apply a tiny sheet or square of wax paper over the frosted brownies then with some frosting, apply the printed scapular image over that paper. This will insure that the inks do not leak into the cakes. Hope this is helpful!

  6. For anyone concerned about the content of the printed decorations on cakes you may wish to cover your pieces with waxed paper on top of your frostings and then apply the printed covers with a tad of frosting to stick them to the waxed paper. This will insure food safety if it is in question. They do make special food inks but not everyone is able to access them. PJ


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